Reform of the Wear and Tear Allowance

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Claire Turner

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9:34 GMT 10.12.15

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Legislation will be introduced in Finance Bill 2016 to repeal the Wear and Tear Allowance provisions and make new provision for a deduction for the replacement of furnishings.

The deduction will be available in calculating the profits of a property business which includes a dwelling-house. The deduction is available for capital expenditure on furniture, furnishings, appliances (including white goods) and kitchenware, where the expenditure is on a replacement item provided for use in the dwelling.

The amount of the deduction is:

  • the cost of the new replacement item, limited to the cost of an equivalent item if it represents an improvement on the old item (beyond the ‘reasonable modern equivalent’) plus
  • the incidental costs of disposing of the old item or acquiring the replacement less
  • any amounts received on disposal of the old item

This deduction will not be available for furnished holiday lettings because capital allowances will continue to be available.

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Claire Turner

9:34 GMT 10.12.15